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The Complete SMS Monitoring And Compliance Solution

MessageGuard is a comprehensive text message monitoring solution designed to monitor, store and easily access SMS, MMS, Blackberry Messenger, and Blackberry PIN-to-PIN messages. Our solution is intended for the corporate market, enabling companies to keep track of messages on employee smartphones.

MessageGuard is feature-rich and user-friendly system that archives the messages in a format that is easy to access, which simplifies the creation and implementation of effective internal mobile compliance policies as well as comply with applicable external governing regulatory bodies. MessageGuard has a multi-platform support that includes Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

Swift And Secure Archival

MessageGuard’s SMS archiving is swift and secure. It instantly archives SMS, MMS, Blackberry PIN-to-PIN, and Blackberry Messenger messages in an un-erasable format, removing any risks of deletion or corrupting of data for perfect monitory use.

Proactive SMS Monitoring/Custom Alerts

Assign specific keywords/phrases/#patterns to alert system administrators of their use if forbidden under internal policy. Messages are flagged under the alerting system and may be blocked from being sent/received. This custom text message monitoring enhances the surveillance of high-risk employees within the company and creates ethical boundaries between departments.

Maximum Data Security

MessageGuard uses the most modern off-site data centers for archiving mission-critical data. Client companies can easily access their data any time using their secure login.

SaaS Or On-Site

You can use the MessageGuard SMS monitoring services as a hosted solution under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, or as an on-premises solution with one-time purchase.

Anti-Uninstallation Measures

The anti-uninstall feature keeps employees from uninstalling the MessageGuard SMS monitoring from their mobile devices. If for any reason MessageGuard is not being used, a notification is automatically sent to SMS compliance administrators.

Message Thread Recreation

The message thread rebuilding feature enables users to build chronologically organized SMS conversion threads with time & date stamps.

Message Logs Auditing

To ensure data integrity and e-discovery legal compliance, archive access is logged. To facilitate an audit or legal discovery process, access to records is logged by the discovery manager.
This gives you:

  • Audit trail of investigative actions.
  • Simpler record retrieval through free SMS search.
  • Option of saving records associated with an investigation.
  • Prevent records from being erased in the event of an ongoing investigation.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows for swift and accurate message retrieval as you can select various selection criteria such as “keyword”, “internal/external”, “flagged”, “reviewed” etc.

  • Every search query used is logged into audit records. These can be instantly export results to various file formats.
  • Sort records according to the selection criteria such as “keyword”, “flagged”, “reviewed” etc.

Whitelist/Blacklist (Block Text Messages)

Whitelists and Blacklists can be created in the MessageGuard to exempt certain contacts from text message monitoring. For instance friends & family numbers can be assigned to a Whitelist, whereas a Blacklist can be created to exclude contact with certain numbers for compliance purposes.